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The music group Cascada (pronounced cas-cah-duh) consists of singer Natalie Horler and DJ/producers Yanou and DJ Manian. Cascada is most famous for the hit single "Everytime We Touch". The trio has also released singles under other aliases, including Siria, Akira, Diamond and Scarf!.

Band name

The project was originally named "Cascade", but was changed to "Cascada" due to legal conflicts. The name "Cascade" can be found on the first edition CDs and records of "Miracle" put out by the group by their record label at the time, Andorfine. This was changed at the first re-release.

Cascada is Spanish for "waterfall".


Cascada has worked on many projects for DJ Manian and Yanou. Other projects that Yanou, DJ Manian, and Natalie have worked on together is the "Siria" side project, which spawned the singles "Endless Summer" and "I Will Believe It", the "Akira" single "Piece of Heaven" (follow up Akira singles have another singer, and a new production team), the "Diamond" single "Reason", and the "Scarf!" single "Odysee". Another single that Natalie is featured on is the 2 Vibez song "Sometimes", which was produced by the famous German producer and DJ, Bass-T.

Everytime We Touch

Cascada experienced mainstream success in the United States almost a year after releasing their second American single, "Everytime We Touch". Soon after the popularity of the single skyrocketed, an album was quickly recorded and released (in a matter of weeks), and a music video for "Everytime We Touch" was also distributed for promotion. For these reasons, the debut album maintains a very similar formula throughout.

Second Album

Natalie recently announced that Cascada is working on their second album during a Japanese interview, which is posted in their blog on Myspace. She stated that there will be a few more ballads, and possibly a house track on the next album. The second album is currently planned to be released during the spring of 2007 in Germany by Zooland Records.

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