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Fischerspooner is an electroclash duo and performance troupe formed in 1998 in New York. The name comes directly from the founders' last names, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner. Spiking extremely retro electropop tendencies (recalling Kraftwerk, early Depeche Mode, and Gary Numan) with a modern approach to programming, Fischerspooner produces a quirky, robotic, and strangely subdued kind of dance music. Their albums can be seen as soundtracks to their stageshows, rather than just recordings which are performed live.

Originally a duo formed by classically trained musician Warren Fischer and video-artist and experimental theater performer Casey Spooner for an impromptu rendition of their makeshift track "Indian Cab Driver" at the Astor Place Starbucks, the group grew to over 20 performers, most of whom are dancers and guest vocalists. Their debut album, #1, originally titled Best Album Ever, has been released on several record labels, including International DJ Gigolo, Ministry of Sound and Capitol Records, and includes their hit singles "Sweetness", "Emerge", and a cover of Wire's "the 15th". Eventually in 2001, they were covered by a tribute act, called "FISHYSPOON", lead by performance artist Casey Wilder (aka 20faces). In the final months of 2004, Fischerspooner opened up their FS Studios in New York City to the public for a few hours once a week, allowing people to meet the band and production team, as well as preview new video, music and dance projects that they were working on.

In 2005, Odyssey, the band's second album, was released. The album featured more structured songs that weren't really electroclash, but more accurately electropop. The lead single, "Just Let Go", featured live drums and guitars, a very different sound than heard on their first album. It was featured on Season 2 Episode 15 of Nip/Tuck as was "All We Are" on Season 3, Episode 1. The second single, "Never Win", went on to become the album's biggest hit, and was well received in both clubs and radio. "A Kick In The Teeth" was rumored to be the album's third, and possibly final, single but was only pressed on 12" that included a remix by Tiefschwarz. This was followed quietly by a 12" of "We Need A War" with a mix by DJ Hell. Other remixes believed to have been done are of "All We Are" and "Get Confused".

A video of "Get Confused" is expected to be toured around art galleries in the spring of 2007. Fischerspooner is expected to release a new album Winter-2007. As of May 2007 they have been released from their Capitol Records recording contract and are currently unsigned.

Band members

  • Warren Fischer (composer)
  • Casey Spooner (songwriter/vocals)
  • Sam Kearney (Guitar)
  • Peanuts, aka Jeremiah Clancy (attendant to Casey/actor)
  • Cindy Greene (vocals)
  • Lizzy Yoder (vocals)
  • Ian Pai (Muscial Director/Drums)
  • Vanessa Walters (Choreographer/Dancer)
  • Stephanie Dixon (Dancer)

A full list of members, including those behind the camera can be found here.




  • Bootleg (self-titled, with PS1 Cover Artwork) (1998)
  • Fischerspooner (2000) - "For Those Who Know" release
  • #1, originally titled Best Album Ever, "International DJ Gigolos" release in 2001, Ministry of Sound release in 2002, Capitol Records reissue with DVD in 2003
  • Odyssey (2005) US #172



  • #1 Supplement EP (2001)
  • "Emerge" (2002) UK #25
  • "The 15th" (2002)
  • "L.A. Song" / "Sweetness" (2003)
  • "Just Let Go" (2005)
  • "Never Win" (2005) UK #55
  • "A Kick in the Teeth" / "All We Are" (2005)
  • "We Need a War" (2006)


Music videos

  • "Emerge" - Original version (2000)
  • "Emerge" - Skin version (2003)
  • "The 15th" (2003)
  • "Sweetness" (2003)
  • "Just Let Go" (2005)
  • "Never Win" (2005)
  • "Never Win" - Mirwais version (2005)
  • "All We Are" (made for a Coke-a-Cola project by Rex & Tennant) (http://www.them5.com) (2006)


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisherspooner

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