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Alcazar Dancefloor
Listen to us in HD

Our MP3 (128 kbps) stream,is the crossover stream that gives you the chance to listen to Electra from every computer thanks to a special setup so even with a firewall you can enjoy Electra.


MP3 192 Kbps: Winamp  Vlc  Itunes Real wmp Flash




Mp3 64Kbps: Winamp  Vlc  Itunes Real wmp


Listen in RTC quality.

Want to listen with a cellphone?

You have 2 format, MP3 an AAC+ that gives you the best quality for a RTC connection


Mp3 24Kbps/32kbps: Winamp  Vlc  Itunes Real wmp Flash



Witch software should i use for listening to Electa?

Here is a selection of some softwares:

Winamp Vlc Foobar Quicktime Real

Lecteur Flash

You can allso use the Flashplayer by simply clicking on the Flashlogo :Flash



How can I listen to Electra on my stereo ?

Here is some images that explain you how to connect your stereo to the computer.